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Which Phoenix Are You?

We all desire to achieve more or something different and work towards the goals we believe in and have a beautiful Phoenix inside waiting to reborn. How are you achieving your goals and dreams? Which Phoenix are you? The following quiz provides you with an insight into your primary achievement style. Naturally, humans are complex beings and that brilliant Phoenix inside you have much more to show you. So, if you are looking beyond your primary achievement style and learn about the other Phoenixes within you, the next steps will be just a click away. Enjoy the test and get ready to be the most magnificent Phoenix you can be.

path to a happier life

We all may have our own definition of what success means to us, however there are certain key building blocks to building a happier and more content life. If you improve any of these five elements, either one by one or more of them at the same time, you will instantly feel positive changes in your life. As a result of working through this book, it is natural that your increased understanding of yourself and the factors of your own performance can lead to better results and a happier life.

No risks, no judgement. Just the progress you make.



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  • Behaviours successful people show
  • The high achiever test and the interpretation of results
  • The five key areas to develop for instant results

This success enabling achievement model including the toolkit we developed in unleashr is now available in The Way of the Phoenix eBook.
This is the first time we offer the whole solution, all the knowledge, the experience collected and transformed to become an easy-to-use toolbox for you.

The ebook gives you

  • an assessment which you can use as a mirror to see how you achieve results right now
  • a behind-the-scenes tour to your strengths and improvement opportunities r to see how you achieve results right now
  • ways to work out the solutions
  • a guidance, so you can introduce new habits into your life quickly and easily.

You can turn your life around in just one week


Meet The Author​

My name is Ariana, and I have been helping thousands bringing out the best of changing life situations. I developed this model and toolbox with my team for you because I know how difficult is to keep up with the increasing expectations companies set for their people.

We are all entitled to take time to be able to work on ourselves, so that we resurface again when the time is right with our new groove.

This is what I am offering to you


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