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Building a career has never been more difficult. But we all see the winners around us, who seem to know all the rules and how to play the game, as if they had a playbook. 

Imagine that

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you know how to handle a meeting with a difficult co-worker

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you know how tackle the page long task list and push back when needed

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you have the tricks to achieve your career goals faster than ever

The tools we developed help you build the foundation exactly for that. We give you the tools and the self-development experience you need, without the risks. You take the book with you and start your development in your own pace today.

No risks, no judgement. Just the progress you make.



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  • Behaviours successful people show
  • The high achiever test and the interpretation of results
  • The five key areas to develop for instant results

Meet The Author​

My name is Ariana, and I have been helping thousands bringing out the best of changing life situations. I developed this model, methodology and toolbox with my team for you because I know how difficult it is to keep up with the increasing expectations companies set for their people.

We are all entitled to take time to be able to work on ourselves so that we resurface again, when the time is right, with our fresh groove.

This is what I am offering to you



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The winners know what to say and when to say it. What is that they know, and you don’t? Are they truly so different and better than you?

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Helping people bring out the best of changes in life taught me that each one of us is invaluable and unique. Therefore, the way how we build our career is different, too.

While it’s easy to believe that a few tips and tricks are going to take you forward, after months or years of trying, many realise that without a solid foundation, no tip or trick can help.

What happens next is that the progress slows down or completely stops.

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They give it up. They no longer will be proactive in meetings or develop their skills. They stagnate. They look at others getting good positions with a better salary, watch them moving to a bigger house. They no longer believe that they can get the position they dream about or that their voice will be heard.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

But where is this foundation? How can you find it?

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The foundation is basically the way how we approach achievement. It is our thinking around the ways how we deliver results in our lives. It is our judgment on what we believe is a good development. It is our belief about our capabilities and talents.

This foundation can enable our drive, or disable and freeze us. This foundation can help build our self-confidence or will bury our ambition.



Original price $23.96

  • Behaviours successful people show
  • The high achiever test and the interpretation of results
  • The five key areas to develop for instant results

This success enabling achievement model including the toolkit we developed in unleashr is now available in The Way of the Phoenix book. 
This is the first time we offer the whole solution, all the knowledge, the experience collected and transformed to become an easy-to-use toolbox, a playbook, for you.

The playbook gives you

  • an assessment which you can use as a mirror to see how you achieve results right now
  • behind-the-scenes tour to your strengths and improvement opportunities so you see how you achieve a results right now
  • ways to work out the solutions
  • a guidance, so you can introduce new habits into your life quickly and easily.

You can turn your life around in just one week

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